Frequently Asked Questions


What kind of photographer are you? 

I am a lifestyle photographer, which means my main focus is capturing the connection and love between the members of your family. I will always capture a few "money shots" where all members of your family are smiling and looking at the camera. Those are must-have photos that Grandma will want to frame, but the majority of my work is focused on capturing emotion and connection.  


What is included in your pricing?

I am an all-inclusive photographer! That means that you are paying for your session + your entire online gallery that is available for you to download. I do not sell prints or products.

Where will my session be held?

I have a list of places I photograph families that include the beach, parks, and trails. If you have a specific place in mind, please let me know! I'm happy to try something new.

What time of day/week do you do your sessions?

I do all of my newborn sessions between late morning to early afternoon between 9-1pm. The lighting is best indoors at this time of day, and newborns tend to be less fussy and more calm then. My family sessions are done 1-2 hours after sunrise, or 1-2 hours before sunset. For beach sessions when it is sunny and not overcast, I shoot 45 minutes before the sun sets. This is when the light is even and creates that warm glow. 

How long will my session be?

My sessions typically last 45-60 minutes. Max is 1 hour. I know how quickly kiddos (and husbands-ha!) lose attention and focus. I like to be fast and efficient.

What will my session be like?

When you arrive for your session, I will greet each member of your family and just get to know you a bit before I even pull out my camera. I like to especially let children warm up to me and give mama a chance to relax and settle into this time. I know how stressful photoshoots can be, so it's important to get to know each other and settle into our time together. I will then get started on my session flow, capturing your entire family in a few different poses, each child individually, siblings, mom and dad together, mom with kiddos, dad with kiddos.

Where will my newborn session be held?

Newborn sessions are done within the comfort of your home, unless you would prefer an outdoor setting. You can check out my newborn gallery here.

What should I wear?

I think it's important to dress comfortably and bring layers if it's cold. I want your session to be as relaxed and laid-back as possible. Choose pieces that match who you are as a person. To get a better idea of wardrobe, check out my family portfolio here.

When will I get the digital photos from my session? 

After your session, I'll send you a "sneak peak" within 48 hours. I usually showcase these on your social media page, but if you prefer I can send them to you privately. You will receive your full gallery, available to download, within 2 weeks. I leave it up on my site for 3 months.