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Extended family jumping at family session

Over the last few weeks I've had several family sessions that included grandparents. Some of these families have their parents living close-by and decided to have them come along to their family session, while others have parents visiting from out of town and want to use the opportunity to get photos with them while they're here. Whatever the case, I have absolutely LOVED having grandparents at my family sessions

Today, I want to share a few reasons why you should consider bringing your parents along to your next family session.


Grandparents Can Help With Your Kiddos During Your Family Session

No matter how laid-back, fun, and interactive my sessions are, there is still a certain level of stress that can come with having your family pictures taken. Babies need holding, toddlers need to move, and big kids might need some love and attention while mom and dad are taking photos alone-something that probably hasn't happened since their wedding day! Having grandparents at your family session can be a tremendous help for you as parents.

Grandparents are Complimentary At My Family Sessions

My husband and I are blessed with two wonderful sets of parents who love us and our kiddos so well. They celebrate every birthday in our family, do special weekends with our kids, and watch them for days (and sometimes weeks!) so we can get away. We value our relationship with our parents so much and are grateful our kids get to have amazing grandparents. For this reason, I want to celebrate and honor grandparents at my family sessions, which means I do not add any extra charge when you include them in your session. So bring them along and let them join in on the fun!

Grandparents Make Your Family Session So. Darn. FUN!

I know not every grandpa can jump as high as the one in this family can, but nevertheless, grandparents have extra energy and personality that they bring to the table! (I'm pretty sure it's because they get to sleep all night now that they're empty nesters :) ) Having your parents there to interact with your kids, tickle them, get them to laugh and smile and pull out their cute personalities, is so helpful in making for a fun and memorable family session experience.

Do you have grandparents coming into town for the holiday season?? I would love to chat about including them in your family session!

XO, Desiree

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