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I'll never forget getting dressed and ready for my engagement session nearly 15 years ago. I was nervous. We had only met our photographer once and being snuggly and smoochy in front of a camera felt awkward and uncomfortable for my then-fiance and I. Luckily Pinterest wasn't a thing (or at least I didn't know about it!) back then, so I didn't have an idea in my mind of what our engagement photos should look like. We stumbled our way through our session and for the most part I am happy with he images we received.

Today, I'm sharing some tips for how to prepare for your engagement session so that you can have intimate, emotive, and joyful photos of you and your fiancé that you can treasure forever.

1) Treat Your Engagement Session Like a Date Night

I tell my family session clients to treat their family session like a fun family outing. A time where they come together to have fun and love on one another. My engagement sessions are no different. My main goal as a San Diego photographer is to capture emotion and connection between my clients. I can't think of a better time to capture love than with a newly engaged couple! When preparing for your engagement session, treat it like a fun date night where you will walk on the beach with your future spouse or stroll through a wooded trail, while dreaming about your future. In the midst of all of the wedding plans and preparations, your engagement session can serve as a time to pause and just be present with your soon-to-be bride/groom.

2) Focus on Your Love For Your Future Spouse, Not The Photos

I tell my clients over and over again that the more relaxed and present to the moment they are, the better their photos will be. My goal for engagement sessions is to capture the joy and love between a couple, their affection for one another, and their excitement for their upcoming wedding. When you focus on your future spouse and the exciting season of engagement, rather than Pinterest-perfect photos, I guarantee you will be happier with the images I'm able to capture. Your love for one another will shine through and your images will portray the joy you feel for becoming husband and wife one day soon.

3) Bring 2 Styles of Clothing to Your Engagement Session

I love the look of formal engagement photos with the bride-to-be in a dress and her soon-to-be groom in a button down or sports coat. I think dressing up gives your engagement session a classic and formal feel, and creates images that are perfect for framing for your wedding day or creating an album for guests to sign. Similarly, a more relaxed look creates a cozy intimate feeling in your engagement session photos-something I always aim to capture. I recommend that my couples bring 2 sets of clothing for their engagement session, to create variety in their gallery.

Are you or someone you know getting married this new year? My engagement sessions are complimentary for those who book my large wedding package. I would love to chat about capturing the love between you and your fiancé!

XO, Desiree

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