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What exactly is a lifestlye maternity session and how do I pose a pregnant couple? A lifestyle maternity session captures the lovely. yet fleeting season of pregnancy. I want to capture your little one hugging their future baby brother or sister, your partner's hands holding your belly, the joy you have in this season of growing your family. Lifestyle maternity sessions are relaxed, emotive, and filled with connection. Today I'm sharing 8 of my favorite maternity poses from my years as a San Diego maternity photographer.

San Diego Maternity Photographer Pose 1: Walk Together

Image depicting photographer maternity pose of mom holding belly while walking

This pose is my favorite to start off with at a maternity session! Have mama place her hand underneath her belly as she walks hand-in-hand with her spouse or kiddo. Walking relaxes couples and is a natural way to capture families.

Maternity Photographer Pose 2: Look at How Pretty Mama Is

One of my main goals for my maternity poses, is to make mamas look and feel as gorgeous and celebrated as possible! They are the star of the show when it comes to these sessions, so I want to highlight them and the beauty of pregnancy. Asking their spouse or kids to look at them, hug them, and kiss them is a wonderful way to make them feel celebrated and loved.

Maternity Photography Pose 3: Hug or Touch Baby Sister/Brother

Image of girl hugging mom during a maternity photoshoot

Is there anything sweeter than a soon-to-be big sibling hugging mama's belly, kissing their baby sibling, or talking to them in-utero? I think not!

Maternity Photography Pose 4: Hug Mama from the Side

If there are other kiddos involved in the session, I love getting mom and dad alone for a few maternity poses. Have mama turn to the side and have her partner hug her sideways, facing you. This is a great way to accentuate mama's belly while capturing the love and connection between parents. Dad and mom can look at each other, their growing baby, or simply share a quiet moment together.

Maternity Photography Pose 5: Sit on Mama's Belly

Image depicting mom holding daughter on her belly during a maternity photoshoot

This is my favorite maternity pose for families with little ones as long as mama is able to sit an older sibling on her belly without too much discomfort. Have mom look at her daughter or son, kiss their cheek, or vice-versa.

Maternity Photography Pose 6: Pop A Leg

Getting mama alone and posing her by herself is so important to a maternity session. Again, she is the star of the show and focusing in on her growing belly is a must! Have mom turn to the side, place her hand on the small of her back, and pop a leg. From there you can have her look down at her belly, look down towards her elbow, or look at the camera with all the emotion that is within her. These are very flattering ways to capture moms, I always recommend mamas to wear dresses that accentuate their belly because they capture beautifully in this maternity pose.

My 7th pose as a San Diego Maternity Photographer: Belly Closeups

Image of pregnant mom posing for a maternity photo session
Image of mom looking at her belly during a maternity photoshoot

No explanation needed for this pose! Have mama wrap those arms around her sweet belly and click away!

Maternity Photography Pose 8: Don't forget About Dad!

Image of dad holding daughter during a family photoshoot

Even in a maternity session, I never miss out on the opportunity to capture the bond between dad and his children. And there's something so sweet about a dad and his daughter!

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