My Baby is FOUR | San Diego Family Photographer

San Diego Family Photographer

You're 4 today buddy. I'm not quite sure how that's possible since I'm pretty sure you were born last week. My favorite thing each morning is hearing the pitter-patter of your feet as you come downstairs to greet me with "good morning mama." You spend most of your days on my hip or tucked into my lap. If I leave you for more than 5 minutes you're always sure to find me with an "I want you mama." I remind myself that you won't say those four little words forever and I gather the energy to give you what your heart needs. You're my best snuggle bug and I'm so grateful for that.

You have the energy level of our entire household combined. You're as extraverted as they come and your least favorite thing is playing alone. Lucky for you you have 3 older siblings to rotate through, Beth being your number one playmate these days. I watched you bravely go off to preschool after 4 years by my side. I'm learning that I'm a better mama to you with a little break now and again-something that has been hard for me to admit but so necessary. I know you're going to thrive there and make new friends, something you're so good at. You add life to a room and your laugh is contagious.

You know when I'm feeling overwhelmed or in need of some quiet, because that's when you say in the sweetest voice, "I love you mama." Melts my heart every time. I wish I could bottle you up at this age forever because I'm quite certain it's going to be one of my favorite stages with you. Being your mom is such a gift. Thanks for loving me so well, buddy.

XO, Mama

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