Behind the name...

I thought I would take a minute to share the 'why' behind the name Loving This Season. Shortly after I was married, as I not-so-patiently waited to start our family, I realized that life was all about seasons. Busy seasons. Slow seasons. Weary seasons. Seasons of growth and change. Blessed seasons, where life feels good and like you're "right on track." Dark seasons where you question everything.

A few months before we decided to start our family, I came to the stark realization that the following months/year would be the last time it was just the two of us. That once we were pregnant we would never go back to the newlywed season. It caused me to slow down. Embrace my dream of becoming a mom but not rush it. Savor the simplicity (and sleep!) of only being responsible for me.

Fast-forward 8 + years and 4 kids later and this realization still weighs heavy on my mind each day. There's a season where all of your babies are at home with you. There's a season, like the one I'm in now, where those babies are beginning to go off to school and life suddenly becomes very structured and fast-paced. And all-too-soon I'll be in a season where my home is empty for the majority of the day; toys no longer cluttering my home and hours of silence. I don't take these seasons for granted and it's my deep conviction to savor the present, as hard as that can be some days. After all, I've never met a grandmother who told me it all went so slow. Quite the opposite actually. So here I am. In THIS season. Choosing to embrace it. To love it. To enjoy it the best that I can. Mess, chaos, siblings fighting and all.

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