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As a San Diego family photographer, one of the sessions I personally have the most fun at, are extended family sessions! As a mama of four, I love seeing big families gather together to capture their love for each other. When my kids are grown and have families of their own, I look forward to the times when we are all together again. I hope to be able to gather my grown children, their spouses and (hopefully!) grandchildren for a big, fun, family photoshoot.

Getting every member of the family together can be difficult, but with holidays just around the corner there might be an opportunity to capture your extended family and celebrate your time together. Today I want to share with you the benefits of an extended family session, in hopes to make this type of session appear less daunting and more fun!

Extended Family Sessions Are an Opportunity to Gather Together

Often extended family members don't live in the same city or even state. As children grow up and go off to college they can spread out across the country. An extended family session is an opportunity to gather everyone together in one place.

Extended Family Sessions Allow Grandparents to Take Photos

WITH Their Grandchildren

I have yet to meet a grandparent that doesn't love taking photos of their grandchildren! Grandparents love to proudly display photos of their grandkids, pull out their phones to share pictures with friends, and post images of grandparent life on social media. I'm pretty sure I'm going to love being a grandparent just as much (or maybe even more) than I do being a parent. Extended family sessions are a great opportunity for grandparents to not only get beautiful images of their grandchildren, but beautiful images of them WITH their grandchildren!

Extended Family Sessions are a Great Opportunity to Get Pictures of Your Grown Children With Their Spouses

Most couples have professional photos taken at their engagement and on their wedding day, but not very many people get professional photos taken beyond that. Almost every time I photograph a couple alone at their family session I hear the phrase "I don't think we've had professional photos taken of us since our wedding day!" Extended family sessions are a wonderful way to get some updated photos of you and your husband and your children and their spouses.

Extended Family Sessions are a Great Way to Have FUN

With Your Entire Family!

Getting your entire family together is a feat in and of itself, but what a great way to enjoy a family night out with those you love most! Whether you are enjoying the beach at sunset or the various scenic trails San Diego has to offer, extended family sessions are fun, interactive, and one of my absolute favorite sessions as a San Diego family photographer!

Is your family gathering together this fall? I'd love to chat more about capturing your extended family!



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