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As a mom of 4, I completely understand how difficult family photo sessions can be. Wrangling kids into nice clothing, praying they are in good moods, and then keeping said clothes clean during the family photo session, can be a feat in and of itself. But because my main goal with my family photo sessions is to capture a family's authentic love and connection for each other, not perfect smiles, my sessions generally go quite smoothly.

This adorable family of 5 had their family photo session in one of my favorite San Diego spots-the Sweetwater Bridge in Spring Valley. It's a hidden gem that I only learned of a few years ago and offers several beautiful spots to create variety in the gallery..

We started our family photo session at the bridge which is just off of the parking lot. I love the artistic backdrop of the bridge plus the foliage was extra green from all of the rain we received in December. In my family photo sessions I always capture a few "money shots" right at the beginning when kiddos are fresh and alert. These are your framers, the pictures you give to grandma and grandpa and the ones on the front of your Christmas card. Everyone's faces are clearly visible and smiles are present.

Next, I made sure to get individual photos of each kiddo with each parent. I know, especially in a large family, that getting one-on-one photos with your kids doesn't always happen, so I try to really spoil my parents (especially mama!), by capturing sweet moments with each of their kids.

I love this location for my family photo sessions because as the sun dips lower along the horizon, it allows us to head out to an open field for those beautiful, warm golden hour shots. These photos are what my family photo sessions dreams are made of!

Parents typically don't have many photos of just the two of them once kids enter the picture, so if I can occupy their kiddos, I love capturing mom and dad's love and affection for one another. It allows them to take a deep breath from the craziness of getting ready for the photo session, gives their kids an opportunity to run around, and most importantly allows them witness their parents' love. Win-win-win! It was so easy to capture the love between these two high school sweethearts.

Finally, my favorite part of my family photo sessions, is capturing the real, authentic, love and connection between my clients. This is what my families come to me for-to capture their crew in this season of their life, so that they can remember and treasure it forever.

Did you miss out on having your family captured in 2019? I would love to chat with you about booking a family photo session in 2020!

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