Family of Four Fall Photos | San Diego Family Photographer

"We haven't had photos done since our second daughter was a baby."

Those were the words I heard as we walked along the bridge for her fall family session. That baby she was referring to is now 10 years old. I get it. And I hear that narrative so often as a San Diego family photographer. Gathering your crew together and rallying to take family photos can be so. darn. stressful! Most husbands (at least mine!) hate being in front of the camera. Kids often are uncooperative or never fail to be in a bad mood the day of your family photos. There's dinner to consider and bedtime to get to and who on earth wants to dress up and do their hair at the end of the day?? I've been there and tooottallly get it!

Flipping the Script on Family Photos

Today I want to flip the script on the daunting idea of family photos. I want to show you some photos of a family who went 10 years without booking a session. Who was worried their girls would have a bad day and they would all show up fighting. Who was hesitant to be affectionate in front of the camera. And who ended up loving their session and loving their photos even more!

My Goal as a San Diego Family Photographer

This is my goal for you as a San Diego family photographer-that you would come completely at ease and fully ready to spend time with your family, while I capture your genuine connection and love for one another. Even if you typically don't enjoy the experience of family photos. Even if your kids are having a bad day. Even if you and your spouse got in an argument the night before. Even if you don't think you look good in front of the camera. Let me take alll of the stress out of family photos for you and allow you to come as you are, capture you as you are, and give you images you will love and treasure for a long time.



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