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I absolutely love taking family photos at the beach, especially when it's at Coronado Beach. As a San Diego photographer, the beach is a popular place to have family photos taken both by natives and those visiting from out of town. The beach is what most people picture when they think of San Diego. There are so many beaches to take family photos at that it can be hard to choose one. Today, I want to share why Coronado Beach is my favorite beach for family sessions. .

Why Coronado Is My Favorite Beach for Family Photos

Coronado Beach is Very Large

Coronado is a very large beach that is filled with sand dunes, rocks, and and a long shoreline. Because it is so big, it's easy to find areas that are less populated, thus giving you a sense of privacy during your family session. Other beaches such as La Jolla Shores or Scripps Pier are smaller and densely populated. Going there for family photos on a weekend means I'm going to wait in line with other photographers to use popular spots to capture families and couples. Coronado Beach offers so many different places to photograph that I hardly ever have to worry about a lot of people being around or filling the background of a photo that I later have to clone out during post-processing.

Coronado Beach Offers a Variety of Backdrops

Another reason I love Coronado Beach for family photos, is that there are several different backdrops that create variety to your gallery. From the sand dunes (which spell Coronado by the way!) to Point Loma in the background, to the iconic Hotel Del Coronado, there are so many spots to photograph families within one beach.

Coronado Beach is Easy to Access

Perhaps one of my favorite reasons I love Coronado Beach so much, is that it is easy to access! There are lots of places to park right in front of the sand dunes and an easy walking path to the entrance of the Hotel Del if we decide to start shooting there. Other beaches in San Diego may have a long staircase to get down to the beach (such as Scripps Pier), or a crowded small parking lot (such as Ocean Beach). Coronado Beach is a wonderful option for parents with small children or extended family sessions with grandparents who may not be as mobile.

When is the last time you had your family photos taken on the beach?? If it's been awhile, I highly recommend booking a photographer to capture your family at Coronado!

XO, Desiree

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