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As a mom and a San Diego family photographer, I absolutely adore children. I love playing with them, teasing them, making them laugh, and being silly. My kids ask me to chase them on a regular basis and a day isn't complete if it hasn't included a thousand tickles and kisses. My family sessions are no different than my time with my kids (well, minus the discipline part).

Often times kids are shy when they show up to their family session, and I understand that it takes a little while to warm up to a new person. Even if they are a repeat client, chances are they haven't seen me in almost a year. Because of this, I like to keep my family sessions as fun, easy-going, and interactive as possible!

Today, I'm going to share some prompts I use during my family sessions.

Snuggle With Your Mom or Dad

My number one go-go prompt is always snuggle with mom and dad. As a family photographer I am always aiming to capture connection and love between family members. Having kiddos snuggle with their parents and vice-versa, is the best way to do this.

Whisper a Secret Into Your Mom/Dad's Ear

I love capturing one-on-one connection between parent and child. I often ask the kiddo to kiss mom or dad on the cheek, or whisper a secret into their ear. This is guaranteed to get smiles and laughter from both parties.

Shoulder Ride + Rocket Ship

To break up the formal feeling portraits and allow kiddos to get their wiggles out, I love putting them up on mom and dad's shoulders, or "seeing how strong dad is." I'm always surprised by how high dads can thrown their babes (and how trusting those babes are!).

Tickle Fight!

After capturing smiles and snuggles, tickle fights are always a fun way to get some laughs and loosen kids up. This works with all ages of kids so it's one of my faves!

Red Light Green Light

Like I said before, I love playing games with my own kids as well as kids at my family sessions. This game is always a hit and a great way to get some movement into my images. Little ones love taking turns being swung by mom and dad, and even for those shy kiddos, I can always pull out a smile or laugh here.

Canopy/Hammock, Tag, Ring around the Rosy

I typically end my sessions as active as possible, especially when it comes to little ones. These 3 games are a fun way to allow parents to play and interact with their kids while I capture them.

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XO, Desiree

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