I See You...the Power of Capturing Children As They Are.

One of the greatest joys I have as a photographer, is capturing children. I grew up with a mom who ran a daycare for a living, became an elementary school teacher in my twenties, and now stay home with my four young kiddos, Needless to say, children are near and dear to my heart and have always been a big part of my life. One of the main reasons I began pursuing photography was so that I could capture children at the stage they were in, so parents could remember their child in that season, forever.

Now I know the traditional way to capture a child is to point the camera at them and tell them to say "cheese." And while I'm not knocking this down entirely, I do believe in the beauty of candidly capturing children in a way that allows their personality and unique beauty to shine. One thing that I love focusing on the most in my photos with children, is their eyes. I love getting in close, asking them to find the "butterfly" in my camera lens, or seeing if there's a super hero in there. It creates authenticity and generates a genuine expression that matches the child's personality.

Here's an example below with a 2 year old at a recent session. How cute is she??

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