The Benefits of An In-Home Newborn Session | San Diego Newborn Photography

Newborn sessions quite possibly might be my favorite sessions I offer. Their cozy, relaxed style makes me feel like I'm simply peering in on a family loving on their newest addition. I love doing newborn sessions in-home for several reasons and I'm excited to explain those to you while introducing you to the cutest family of 3!

1. In-Home Newborn Sessions Allow Moms to Continue Resting

As a new mama you are absolutely exhausted, sleep-deprived, and still physically healing. I love allowing moms to continue resting and snuggling their baby while I capture their bond.

2. In-Home Newborn Sessions Are Simple

I love the simplicity of in-home newborn sessions. I come to families, in their natural environment, and there's no packing up or planning ahead necessary. If baby needs to eat or have a diaper change, parents are in the comfort of their home to continue caring for their infant.

3. In-Home Newborn Sessions Are Relaxed in Pace

When I'm outside doing a family session, there's usually a ticking clock, pushing us along until we are done. Lighting, environmental issues, hungry and tired kids all affect the pace of an outdoor session. With an in-home newborn session, we go at the baby's pace. Lighting is beautiful for several hours midday so there is no rush or time limit (although I'm usually done in under 2 hours). There's no expectation on baby to be awake, asleep, or out of mom or dad's arms. He/she is the boss of the session and dictates when we start and stop.

This sweet baby girl was an absolute DREAM at her in-home newborn session and her first-time parents were so relaxed and at ease with her. We had a lovely 90 minutes together getting to know each other more, chatting about her birth, and capturing their love for one another. I'm so grateful I was able to capture this sweet season in their lives!

Is there someone you know that's expecting in 2020? I would love to chat about capturing their newborn in the comfort of their home!



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