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San Diego Family Photographer

I'll never forget receiving her text message a year ago. "I have to cancel our photoshoot, my husband has a medical emergency." This emergency was not small. It was not a quick procedure. And there wasn't a guaranteed outcome. I knew there was real fear that gripped every word of that text.

I followed their journey over the next few months and watched a miracle unfold in this family of four's life. A few weeks ago-1 year since his medical diagnosis- I met up with them to celebrate LIFE and and capture their beautiful family.

One year later and this family is happy, healthy, and thriving. I know not a day goes by where they aren't grateful for the life they have. The story they have. The story that could have all been so different. Their gratitude and love for one another is so evident and I couldn't help but come home from this session reminded of what a gift life is. Reminded to live each day grateful for my own story. For my own husband and four kids.

Thank you "M" family for allowing me to capture you. I hope these images remind you of the miracle you experienced last year, and allow you to celebrate the gift of your family!

XO, Desiree

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