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As a San Diego Family Photographer, I have a few go-to places that I absolutely love to shoot at. San Diego has so many beautiful spots and landscapes. You can go from the beach to mountains in less than an hour! Within 60 minutes you can enjoy both the sand beneath your toes and the smell of pine trees. This is one of the many things I love about living here! Although I am always up for trying new locations and have more than just 3 for my clients to choose from, I've narrowed down my favorites to the following locations:


Coronado Beach

This is one of my favorite beaches to go to with my family and my top location for family photoshoots. The beach is large so it allows me to photograph families without worrying about getting too many people in the background. There are various backdrops to use including the iconic Hotel Del Coronado, which gives my clients a variety in their gallery.

Sweetwater River Bridge

Another one of my favorite spots to photograph families, is the Sweetwater River Bridge. This bridge is tucked away at the edge of beautiful hiking trails in east county San Diego. My outdoor family sessions begin at golden hour, 1-2 hours before the sun sets. What I love about this location is that there are 3 different backdrops to shoot at, that follow the progression of the sun. As a San Diego family photographer, it can be tricky to find locations that offer shade as well as open fields that stream in beautiful golden light. This spot has it all!


I begin my family sessions under the historic bridge which is nice and shaded. I can typically shoot anytime in the late afternoon here and am guaranteed beautiful lighting.

After that we head through the wooded area to enjoy some beautiful golden light shining through the trees. Fall is my favorite time for family sessions here, as it gives you an actual "fall-ish" feel-something us San Diegans don't get to enjoy very often!

Finally, we end at sunset out in the open field with the mountains behind us. I love taking my families out here just as the sun is setting. In my opinion, this spot is prettiest 10 minutes before the sun sets and 10 minutes after.


Lake Murray

My final spot is only 5 minutes from my house and is gorgeous! I have to admit that I lived in San Diego for over a decade before I learned that this place even existed. I don't know how I missed out on it before! Similar to the Sweetwater Bridge, Lake Murray offers wooded shady areas that are perfect for family photography, as well as the backdrop of the lake that I love going to just as the sun dips below the horizon.


Do you have a favorite family spot in San Diego?

Or if you are from out of town, which one of these would you enjoy having your family captured at?!

I'm currently booking for fall 2020 and would love the opportunity to capture the season you are in!



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