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Family of four snuggling their newborn

As a San Diego newborn photographer, I have clients with all sizes of homes, condos, and apartments. Living in San Diego is NOT cheap! I can count on one hand how many of my friends live in in more than 2,000 square feet-and that would be considered "small" in most parts of the country. Below are a a few ways I make a small space work for your newborn session.

Family of four snuggling their newborn
In-home newborn session

Making a small space work for a newborn session

In-home newborn session

All I need Is One Good Window

Clients will sometimes be concerned with their home not being large and worry that it's not big enough for a in-home session. As a San Diego newborn photographer, that is the last thing on my mind! I tell my clients that all I need is one good window that lets enough light in to properly light my subjects. Whether that window is in your living room, master bedroom, or nursery, the light pouring in will create beautiful dreamy photos of your family and new addition.

San Diego Newborn Photoshoot
Big brother kissing newborn baby brother
San Diego Newborn Photoshoot

I focus In On Your Family's Connection, Not The Environment

Another concern clients have is that their home isn't clean before I come, to which I always respond-"I have FOUR children!" My home hasn't been clean in 10 years and I certainly don't expect yours to be, especially after just giving birth. Most of my newborn work is cropped in close to focus on the connection, love, and admiration you have for your newborn. This is very different from my outdoor family sessions that typically highlight some of the beautiful locations in San Diego. When I'm photographing indoors, I only need the areas immediately surrounding where we are shooting to be cleared off (i.e. night stands, coffee tables).

San Diego Newborn Photoshoot in home with toddler and newborn
San Diego Newborn Photoshoot
San Diego Newborn Photoshoot

I Use A Wide-Angle Lens To Accommodate Small Spaces

My number one trick to photographing in small spaces, is my wide-angle 35mm lens. This lens allows me to get your entire family in the frame even if I'm only a foot or two away. It's also how I get those shots above baby and other various angles that are harder to capture with a longer lens.

Big brother and little brother newborn shoot
Mama and baby newborn photos
Newborn baby looking at the camera during San Diego newborn photoshoot

Are you expecting a newborn soon??

I'd love to chat about capturing your sweet new addition in the comfort of your home!

XO, Desiree

Rainbow baby on a rainbow blanket during a newborn photoshoot

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