San Diego, California Family Photographer | What to Wear at Your Photoshoot

The number one question I get asked by a client prior to their session, is "what should we wear?" The photos you are about to take will be hung on your wall for years to come, will possibly be put in a baby announcement, Christmas card, or pregnancy announcement. Grandma and Grandpa will frame some of these photos or put them into a photo album (if those even exist anymore-ha!). What you wear to your photo shoot is SO incredibly important.

Below, I've given some helpful styling tips for you so that you can feel and look your best on the day of your photo shoot.

1. Dress up, but dress comfortably

These are not your everyday photos. You want your family to look put together and for these photos to stand out. Mamas, it feels good to have a fancy top on or a pretty dress that hasn't been pooped or spit up on (#thestruggleisreal), rather than our everyday clothes. BUT, where the magic happens in photography, is the connection that happens between you and your loved ones. Beyond nice clothes comes comfortability. So, wear that long sundress, put that bow tie on your toddler (swoon), ask your husband to wear a sports coat, but make sure you can walk, move, sit and interact with your family.

If this is an in-home newborn session, place baby in a plain fitted onesie and you, your spouse, and any siblings in plain muted colors. Newborn sessions are meant to be relaxed and laid-back, with the baby as the star of the show. If this is a maternity session, highlight that bump! Wear a fitted dress or even something that you can easily reveal your sweet growing baby, if you feel comfortable with that.

2. Coordinate, don't match

Gone are the days where everyone shows up to their session wearing white shirts and khaki pants. When everyone is matchy-matchy, the eye is drawn to the color scheme not the smiles and emotion on everyone's faces. I highly recommend having a color scheme of some sort, but mix and match among family members. If you want to throw a print in, such as a floral dress or a plaid tie, go for it! Just make sure the rest of the members aren't all in patterns as well. Again, we want people to look at your photos and feel emotion over what is happening between your family members, not be distracted by what you're wearing.

3. Stay away from bold colors such as orange and yellow

As a photographer, one of the trickiest things to edit is skin tone. Bold bright colors such as orange and yellow cause skin tone to take on the same color. Pastels, beige colors, grays and blues are soft and appealing to the eye and allow for a more natural skin tone to come through. Red is a beautiful color, especially for those Christmas cards. I highly recommend going for a deep, burgundy red, rather than candy cane red, especially if you have fair skin.

4. Wear something that represents you or your family members

My daughter wears cowgirl boots almost on a daily basis. A few years ago a friend was going to take pictures of me and my kiddos, so rather than go out and buy fancy looking sandals that perfectly matched my daughter's dress, I put her in her scuffed up cowgirl boots that she wears every day. And you know what? I LOVE those pictures of her! They represent her in that season and I will forever cherish those photos.

A client of mine wore her hair up in a bun to her photoshoot, because that's how she wears her hair almost every day as a mama of 3. She put on a cute top and fitted jeans and looked absolutely beautiful! Stylish yet comfortable. You are capturing the season you are in, so that you can remember it forever. Let your wardrobe reflect this season that you are in to some degree.

I hope this gives you some helpful tips as you prepare for your upcoming photo shoot. If you have any other tips or tricks on this topic, feel free to comment below!

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