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What a crazy 2 months it has been! I've kinda felt as though I'm living inside of a movie these past 9 weeks. With the stay at home orders hopefully ending soon, photographers are beginning to think through what it looks like to safely reopen their businesses. Below, I want to share how I plan to safely reopen my photography business, while following the mandates put in place by the mayor of San Diego as well as our Governor.

What does a socially distant family photography session look like?

1) Sessions will take place outdoors at a remote location

Safety is my number 1 priority. With mask laws in effect in California, and research I have done, the chances of spreading COVID are lowest outdoors. For this reason, I will be doing most of my sessions outdoors, in an unpopulated location, newborns included. One of my favorite newborn sessions I ever did was outdoors. I know this isn't traditionally where you think of a newborn session being done, but it can still have the same warm and intimate feel as my in-home sessions do. In an outdoor remote location, such as this one, we can spread out, stay safely away from other people, and capture your family in a relaxed environment

2) I will practice social distancing throughout our session

If you know me, you know this is a hard one for me! I'm a hugger and a get-real-close as we chat about life kinda person. I love snuggling your babies just as much as you do and often tickle your toddlers to pull out some laughter and smiles. For the safety of all of my clients though, I will be remaining 6 feet away throughout our entire session.

3) Your session & gallery will be the same as prior to COVID

The feel and experience of my family sessions will continue to remain the same-lots of snuggles, laughter, and loving on your people. The lens I use is what will change. I will primarily be using a lens that can get in close to your sweet family moments, while I remain at a safe distance. I'll still capture those up-close detail shots. I'll get your family pulled in close to one another and capture your child's sweet face. Everything about the session and gallery will be exactly the same as before this pandemic, just minus a hug from me as I walk you back to your car. :)

4) Your health and my own family's health will remain my top priority

Before and after each session I will sanitize my hands and my camera equipment. I will encourage families to bring their own blanket to sit on, rather than using mine. I will wear a mask if clients ask me to. Again, my top priority is your family feeling physically and emotionally safe throughout our entire session.

I cannot wait to begin capturing families again! Despite all of the changes in our world, country and individual cities, love and hope still remain. Now more than ever we need to press into our families and those we hold dear to us. What a beautiful reminder these past 2 months has been, to hold our loved ones close and live each day with deep gratitude and appreciation for all we've been entrusted with. If you're ready to have this season of your life captured, I'd love to chat!



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