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As a San Diego family photographer who uses only natural light to capture her clients, golden hour is the ideal time to hold outdoor sessions. The light is even at that time of day and is the most flattering in photos. Most people think of golden hour as that magical lighting time prior to sunset, but it also applies to the 1-2 hours in the morning after the sun rises. For families with little ones, this is a wonderful time to considering having your family session.

Today, I'm going to share 3 reasons why you should consider a morning family session.

Morning Sessions Allow Kiddos to Be Photographed

When They're At Their Best

I don't know about your kids, but mine are WIDE AWAKE by 7:30am (with the exception of my oldest who is slowly becoming a pre-teen and sleeping later and later). My littlest wakes up before 6 and the other follow suit over the next hour or so. By 9am I'm getting them outside to get some energy out!

Most of my clients with little ones worry about having a family session so close to dinner or bedtime and I have lots of suggestions on how to handle this! But for families whose kids truly cannot handle a late afternoon or early evening family session, I cannot recommend a morning session enough. Little ones are typically at their best first thing in the morning, are well-rested, and connected and engaged with their family.

Morning Sessions Allow Families to

Have the Rest of the Day Together

I always tell my clients to make their family session the "main event of the day." Don't come from swim lessons, a day at the beach, or a playdate. Let your family session be your fun family outing for the day. With an afternoon or evening family session, that means you're keeping your entire day low-key, prepping your kids about behavior and attitudes, and reminding your husband to enjoy these once-a-year photos (aimiright??). With a morning family session you get your main event over with FIRST THING! Come adventure and snuggle with your crew, then go grab donuts and head to the park. The rest of your day can be spent enjoying your family rather than stressing whether or not everyone is going to be happy by the evening. (Don't worry though- if you do choose an evening session. I always manage to pull out smiles and giggles no matter the mood of your little ones ;)

Morning Sessions Allow Photographers to

Shoot in Popular Locations While They're Not Busy

As a photographer, this final point is probably my number 1 reason for recommending morning sessions during the fall busy season. A few of my favorite locations become very crowded during the months of October, November, and December. I usually try to avoid these locations during these months, especially right now during COVID. Shooting in the morning, however, allows me to utilize popular photography locations because they are much more mellow first thing in the morning.

My 2020 weekend evening session spots are officially BOOKED. If you are hoping to grab a session with me and weekends are your best time, I'd love to chat with you about booking a morning session!

XO, Desiree

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