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When your best friend has a baby, you grab your camera, drive as (safely) fast as you can to the hospital, and capture those first fleeting hours for them before they're a distant memory. Fresh 48 sessions are becoming more and more popular but I know there are several of you out there that are probably thinking how on Earth can anyone be ready to be in front of a camera just several hours after giving birth? Well today, I'm going to explain to you the simplicity of Fresh 48 sessions and why it may be something to consider doing the next time you (or a spouse) give birth.

1. Fresh 48's Have a Simplistic, Come-As-You-Are feel

Typically before a photoshoot, everyone is getting dolled up and striving to look their best in front of the camera. Fresh 48's are exactly the opposite. The entire focus is on your newborn and your deep awe and admiration of the life you just brought into the world. What I focus on capturing is the parents' love and affection for their new family member. This doting father below hadn't showered before I arrived, and was very hesitant to be in the pictures. But if I hadn't shoved him in front of my camera, he would have not have had these precious captures with his daughter. In this moment here, all you can see is how in love these parents are with their baby girl. No shower will enhance those feelings you experience when you look at these pictures!

2. Fresh 48 Sessions are Short & Sweet

Most of my newborn sessions last an hour or two, depending on baby's needs. With Fresh 48's, sessions are over in less than 30 minutes. I've had four babies of my own so I understand how exhausted mama is after giving birth! Not to mention hospital staff poke in every 20 minutes or so to complete routine checks plus newborn screenings. Fresh 48 sessions quickly capture all of the little details of baby from the hair on their head to the tininess of their toes, along with sweet moments with doting parents, and any siblings that are there as well. By allowing baby to stay in mom or dad's arms the majority of the time, and asking them to simply snuggle and stare at their child, I can grab all of the moments I need in a short period.

3. Fresh 48 Sessions Capture the Fleeting First Few Days of Your Newborn's Life

I may sound crazy here, but I LOVED my hospital stays. There was something so simple about being in a hospital bed cuddling my baby for hours on end while hospital staff took care of me. Time kind of stands still in that tiny room compared to how quickly it passes once you're home. Being able to "freeze time" so-to-speak by capturing baby in the first 48 hours, is something so special that mamas will hold onto forever.

Well, have I convinced you yet? ;) If so, I would love to chat about capturing your baby in his/her first 48 hours of life! It'll be a choice you won't regret and will give you precious memories that you'll savor forever.

XO, Desiree


San Diego Newborn Photographer | San Diego, CA

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