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One of the most common questions I receive from clients once they book a session with me is, what should we wear?? Family photos often only happen once a year or every few years, and no one wants to be staring at photos of themselves with outfits they hate for years on end. I can't think of a better example of outfit inspiration, than sharing my client's gallery who just so happens to be a fashion blogger.

Pick a Color Scheme

The days of everyone wearing a white top with kaki pants are gone. Rather than choosing one color or several shades of one color to dress in, I recommend choosing a color scheme. 3 to 4 colors that pair well together and will look cohesive in a big family shot, sibling shot, or parent with child.

Choose a Print or Pattern

I love when clients have at least one pattern in their wardrobe. Whether it's stripes, floral, or checkers, patterns can bring the family wardrobe to life. I typically recommend families only have one or two members wear prints, but more can definitely work depending on how busy they are (as seen in these girls' patterned dresses and little man's stripes).

Add in Layers or Texture

Adding layers or textures can also make your wardrobe pop. Vests, scarves, woven sweaters, and even earrings are all great pieces to add to your color scheme and clothing selection.


Mix Up Clothing Styles

Clothing can feel boring if everyone is all wearing blue jeans or kaki pants. I love mixing up styles of clothing such as girls in dresses, dad in jeans, son in kaki pants. Mixing up clothing styles adds life to your wardrobe and is visually appealing when looking at.

Lay Everything Out Before You Wear

Last but not least-lay everything out on your bed or the floor and see how it all pairs together! Put mama's outfit with baby's or dad's outfit with his girls' and see if it all pairs well together.

Happy Outfit Planning!

XO, Desiree

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