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Lifestyle photography is becoming more and more of a buzz word in the photography world. Prior to becoming a photographer I assumed all photographers were the same-pose a family, ask them to smile, click your camera, then voile! There's your portrait. Fast forward to now and learning this craft, and I realize there are many styles of photography and each style is personal to its artist-the photographer. I want to share with you my style of photography-lifestyle-and what you can expect if you choose me to capture your family.

1. Lifestyle photography is all about capturing connection and feelings.

My primary goal and what speaks to me as an artist, are photographs that capture a family's love for one another and connection with each other. I love movement. I love photos that capture families "in the moment." I love photos that make a mama cry and say "Oh! This one captures my son/daughter's personality perfectly." My goal is to bring out emotions and connection and love for each other. These are the types of photos I am drawn to personally, with my own family, as well as professionally, with families I am capturing.

San Diego Family Photographer

2. Lifestyle photography is posed.

It's a common misbelief (and one I had when I was first starting out), that lifestyle photography is candid and no posing or directing takes place. This is simply not true and completely unrealistic! No family just begins looking at each other and laughing spontaneously. All of the moments I have captured I have set up prior. So in a session with me, I will pose my clients how I want them, and then ask them to interact with each other. This strategy allows me to get the composition I need to make the photo pleasing to the eye, while drawing out the family's personality and capturing their natural connection with each other.

San Diego Family Photographer

3. Homerun shots are always included.

As much as I love photos that capture emotion, movement and connection, it's important for me to give all of my clients a few "homerun" shots. These are the traditional portrait photos where everyone is smiling and looking at the camera. It's the photo that Grandma will hang on her wall, that will most likely be on the front of a Christmas card, and that shows each member of the family's face with flawless perfection. These are beautiful photos and just as important as the more natural-looking ones. I want to give my clients these, even though I know they are mainly coming to me for my lifestyle portraits.

San Diego Family Photographer

How people are captured is so incredibly personal to the artist as well as the consumer. I will never try and sell anyone on my style of photography, nor will I try to meet a stylistic need that someone has for their family photos. There are thousands of creative and talented photographers out there. It's important to find the right fit for you and your family.

If you're interested in booking a family lifestyle session, let's chat!

I would love to meet you and capture your family in this season of your life!

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