San Diego Family Photographer | What to Expect From Your Mini-Session

I'm quite certain family photos are listed in the top 10 stressors just under moving and having a baby. Convincing your children to wear nice clothes, keep them clean, and smile in front of a camera is not for the faint of heart! I once showed up to my own family session with my then-toddler completely naked. That's how she felt about wearing the dress I had chosen for her! But minutes after arriving, thanks to our amazing photographer, she was dressed and sweetly interacting with her brothers, giving me the best gift ever-photos that captured that season of life that are still hanging in my home today.

As a mom, I completely understand what a big deal family photos are. That's why I've created simple, short, laid-back mini-sessions. These 20 minute shoots were meant to give you family photos that capture your season of life without causing tears...bad tears anyways. :) Here are a few tips to help you prepare as well as enjoy your time together during your session.

1. Make your session the main event of the day

Even though these sessions are short, treat it like a full family session, by making it the main event of the day, especially if you have little ones. Skip the beach, enjoy a mellow morning at home, and come geared up ready to have fun! If your kids nap, I suggest waking them up at least 30 minutes prior to your session so that they have enough time to wake up.

2. Prepare your kiddos for the session

I highly suggest making this an exciting family outing for your kiddos. Talk it up to them, letting them know that you are going to have family time at a fun place where they can explore and play! Let them know your friend will be there to take a few pictures of them to show how much you all love each other. If they know what to expect, they usually will be calmer and more at ease.

3. Focus on connection over perfection

As a mom, I know how important family photos are! This isn't something that happens more than once a year for most people-sometimes only once every several years or more. I've been in your shoes-nervous, stressed, worried about my children's behavior. However, my favorite photos have come when I myself am calm and have left my perfectionism at home, expecting only to connect and love on my family. That's where the true magic of your session happens. Authentic, emotive captures. I promise to get those "money shots" where everyone is smiling and looking at the camera. Those are the framers and the ones you put on your Christmas card. But I also promise to capture the moments of love and connection between you and your people. If you want further info on my style of photography, click here.

4. Let me worry about your kids behavior

I've got 4 kiddos and let me tell you, they are the hardest to capture! The last person kids want to listen to is their mom, aimiright? So, leave them to me and let me pull out my bag of tricks and capture their personality! Regardless of their attitude or behavior prior to your session, I'm fairly certain I can get them to come alive in front of my camera.

I hope this helps you prepare for your upcoming mini-session. I look forward to capturing your family this fall!



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