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Maternity sessions are some of my favorites! (I know I know, I say that about every session-ha!) But truly, there's something so sweet about photographing a mama-to-be and a growing family. I typically plan my maternity sessions somewhere between 32-36 weeks for first time pregnancies, and 28-32 weeks for second or more pregnancies. If you've have more than 1 child you know how quickly you "pop" the second or third (or 4th) time around! At these weeks mama has a beautiful baby bump and typically still feels good. Once it gets closer to your due date you often are more uncomfortable, may be retaining more water, and just all around are ready to get. that. baby. OUT! The beginning of the 3rd trimester is the sweet spot of showing but still feeling fairly comfortable.

I've been pregnant 4 times and experienced the whole range of emotions over how I felt in my pregnant body. Some days I felt like I was rockin' the bump and others I felt huge and just wanted to hide in an oversized shirt. My main goal as a maternity photographer is to make sure mom feels beautiful during her session and in the images I'm able to capture. Today I thought I would share a few tips I give mamas on what to wear for their maternity session.

What Should I Wear at My Maternity Session?

1. Wear Something That Shows Off Your Beautiful Bump

The star of your maternity session is that beautiful belly of yours that's growing your sweet baby. Pregnancy is so fleeting-even though it can often feel like foorrreevverr at times! Your maternity session is a wonderful way to document these 9 months of growing a new life within you. What better way to remember it than to accentuate your bump with something form fitting. I love tight dresses on mamas, but jeans and a fitted t-shirt can be beautiful as well. I typically recommend wearing a solid color or a soft floral print rather than stripes or something with a busy pattern.

2. Wear Something You Feel Comfortable In

Even though I recommend tight clothing, you can still wear something that is comfortable to move around in. I often have mamas sit down down, lay down, or hold a little one on their bump, so I want them to feel comfortable moving around. During my sessions we walk to different spots as the lighting changes, so I recommend wearing shoes that are comfortable and easy to move around in.

3. Wear Something That Makes You Feel Beautiful

As I neared my due date and became more and more uncomfortable, I would often put on my favorite maternity shirt or maternity dress. When I was wearing something I loved and that made me feel beautiful, it changed my mood and internal thoughts so much! Your maternity session is meant to highlight the beauty of motherhood and the miracle of growing life within you. Choosing an outfit or piece of clothing that you absolutely love and feel beautiful in will make you love your images that much more.

Are you expecting a baby this year? I would love to chat about documenting this sweet season of your life!

XO, Desiree

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