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The number one fear parents have when they book a family session with me, is that their kids will misbehave or won't do well in front of my camera. As a mom of 4, I totally get it! Part of my client preparation is telling parents not to worry about their kids' behavior and try to be as present with them and as relaxed as possible. I know this is easier said than done! Today, I'm sharing why your kiddos are perfect just the way they are! There's no need to overly bribe, tell them to smile at the camera, or stress about their behavior. Leave all of that up to me. :)


Laughter, Silliness, and Movement Are All Welcome At Your Session

If you've ever had a session with me, you know that I'm extremely playful with your kids. I make jokes, silly movements, and possibly even farting noises to get a reaction our of your little ones. :) I want your kids to ENJOY their time with me and leave with fun memories of taking photos. Giggles, running, jumping, and interacting with each other are what my sessions are all about!

What Feels Chaotic To You Will Capture Just Fine On My Camera

, I recently had my own family photos taken, which is always a great way to remind myself what it's like to be on the OTHER side of the camera! I tried my very best to remain calm, relaxed, and present with my kids but there was definitely a part of me that was worried about their behavior. A tickle fight can quickly turn into a punch to the gut with my boys and my youngest can't sit still to save his life! But what may feel chaotic in the moment ends up capturing beautifully in an image. As a photographer, I am FAST with my shutter! I can capture 10 frames in a matter of seconds, so if your toddler is a wiggle worm or your preschooler can't stop talking, embrace it and know that I'm capturing far more than you may realize in the moment.

The Calmer You Are, the Better Your Images Will Be


This is my NUMBER ONE tip to parents in my client preparation emails! Truly, if you are relaxed and calm, your kids will follow suit. The more stressed and uptight you are and the more "smile at the camera's" you give, the more they will resist and the quicker they will meltdown. I always say that I want my sessions to reel like a fun family night out, so treat it as such and I promise you will be happy with the images we are able to create together!

Reading to capture some memories together??

XO, Desiree

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